Our Firm

Capitol Wealth Management, Inc. is an independent  fee-based financial planning and investment management firm based in McLean, Virginia.  It manages investment portfolios for individuals, families, and businesses across the country, but primarily in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. The firm was founded by Frank J. McGovern, CFP®, who has more than 25 years' experience in financial planning and asset management.


 Our View

Managing family or business finances is more complex today than ever before. There are more demands on capital, more options to evaluate, and more pressure to invest wisely. Many investors believe they need assistance, but don't know where to turn for insightful, objective advice. Many sales people compete to sell products, but often don't spend enough time considering the investor's needs and desires. 

Capitol Wealth Management is different. We listen attentively to our clients and help them clarify their financial situation, goals and aspirations. We then work closely with them to develop a comprehensive financial plan and a risk-adjusted investment strategy to help them work towards their financial objectives.


Our Commitment 

We established Capitol Wealth Management because we believe private investors need more than just knowledgeable and objective financial advice. To be truly successful, they also need access to the sophisticated financial planning and asset management services normally reserved for large institutions and the very wealthy. When we formed our firm, we made a commitment to give individuals, families, businesses and professional practices the same opportunities as institutional clients to help accumulate, preserve and grow capital. And it's been rewarding. We are helping our private clients build and maintain wealth, work towards financial independence, and create multigenerational financial legacies.

Our  Experience
Capitol Wealth Management offers an unusual breadth of financial experience, the convenience of a full-service financial resource, and the benefits of an independent investment firm. Our firm was founded by Frank J. McGovern, CFP®, who has more than 25 years' experience in financial planning and asset management. Before starting Capitol Wealth Management, Mr. McGovern was a principal in American Securities Investment Advisors, Inc. and prior to that, a senior financial advisor at the Professional Planning Association, both independent financial planning and investment advisory firms. His financial experience also includes service as a corporate controller and accounting officer and as a fiscal analyst for the Maryland Legislature. He holds a BBA from George Washington University and a MPA from American University. He has lectured on financial planning at the U.S Naval Academy and has been an instructor at University College, University of Maryland.